Central Heating Faults / Repairs

Dash Plumbing & Heating offers an extensive range of premium quality central heating faults and repair services. The company is focused on ensuring your get the best service possible and focus on devising and delivering effective and efficient central heating faults and repair solutions to save you time and money. Our dedication to deliver the best of our potential, according to your preferences and convenience, has earned us as a company a trusted name and position in the industry. Consequently, we have emerged as a leading central heating repair services provider in and around Essex.

We are all highly qualified and well trained heating and plumbing Gas Safe professionals who are all familiar with all the technical details that concern central heating faults and repairs. We will listen to your problems and diligently devise solutions that are time-efficient, cost efficient and longer lasting. We understand the importance and utility of a high-performing and completely functional central heating mechanism. Therefore, we give due regard to your central heating needs and strategically deploy all the available resources to resolve your concerns and problems as swiftly as possible.

We are qualified to accurately identify where the problem lies and am highly capable of rendering quick and effective long term solutions that will save you any inconvenience in the future. We are able to repair various kinds of central heating devices and boilers. In addition to comprehensive corrective and repair services, we also offer preventive services including routine checks and thorough cleaning of your central heating devices, to increase their lifespan (including power flushing).

We have access to all the modern facilities that enable us to thoroughly diagnose your central heating apparatus and accurately identify the faults. Precision in service provision and technical expertise of our professionals have led to the delivery of quick services by us that render effectual results.

Central Heating Repairs