Full planning and install – including tiling,  plastering and floors

Over the years bathroom suites have changed so much. You have the normal traditional bathroom suite and now the modern and trendy bathroom suite. Unlike any other rooms in your home, you cannot change your bathroom as and when you want too. Once you have had it done, you will probably not want to change it again for many years to come. So choosing the right bathroom suite is just as important as choosing the right professional to come in and install it for you as you do not want there to be any problems in the future for you to worry about and you also want to be happy with the bathroom suite you have chosen. You will have to decide on what your bathroom suite will consist of. You may wish to have a shower cubicle installed instead of a bath, or you may wish to have a bidet fitted. Depending on the room, you might also like to have his and her basins. It really is up to you what you would like but we can give you advice and any information you need when it comes to having this service.


In order to have a bathroom installed properly everything must be planned very carefully, right down to the finest detail. This is the key element in ensuring that the project runs smoothly, limiting the potential of any mishaps along the way. The initial stages will primarily involve you deciding what you like and want for the outcome of your bathroom. You can begin this process by taking notes of what your budget is, once you have decided that, you can contact Dash Plumbing & Heating and tell us of any ideas you may have and we can help you to plan the whole design of your new bathroom. If you are considering having the bathroom plastered, tiled and a new flooring fitted once your bathroom suite has been fitted, then we can help you with this too.



Once you are happy with what we have planned, it can then be implemented. By this stage you will have already selected the bathroom suite you would like so we can then start with the installation process and you can have your new bathroom fitted as quickly as possible. Dash Plumbing and Heating will always book you in at a time that in convenient to you and will work around your schedule so you are not inconvenienced in anyway. Any work that is carried out will be done in a safe manner not putting you or your family in any danger and we will always clean up any mess and dispose of any rubbish when we finally leave after you are happy with our work.

Bathroom Flooring

After you have had your new bathroom installed you could finish it off with a new bathroom floor. There are so many choices of bathroom flooring to choose from, for instant there is vinyl flooring and floor tiles. Both of these are very practical and are easy to clean. They are extremely safe and you will not be able to slip on them when they get wet. There are many options for you to choose from so please ask us for more details if you are interested in this service.

Bathroom Tiles

With any bathroom, it is always best to protect any area that may get wet. For instants, around your bath especially if you have had a shower fitted and around your wash basin. Bathroom tiles are a great idea for this. They are practical, stylish and will not get damaged by water. They are easy to clean and will last for years to come. Tiles come in so many different styles, colours and of course, different sizes too so you can choose the perfect ones to really make your new bathroom standout. As you will see in most bathrooms, every wall is completely tiled.

This is down to personnel preference but can be a cheaper option for you if only part of the bathroom is tiled. We are able to assist you with either of these options so please feel free to ask us about this service if this is something you are thinking about. If you have not thought about this stage yet and would just like your new bathroom plastered, then again, please feel free to ask us about this service as this is something that Dash Plumbing and Heating specialise in. Whether you need the whole bathroom plastered or just a wall, when you have decided, we will ensure you that we will complete the task with the same amount of energy and effort. Then any tiles or paint you have chosen will then be able to be placed beautifully onto the walls, leaving a stunning finish.